Strengthening PHC in the COVID-19 era: a
review of best practices….

Amid massive health system disruption induced by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the need to maintain and improve essential health services is greater than ever.

Fostering global primary care research: a capacity-building approach

The Alma Ata and Astana Declarations reaffirm the importance of high-quality primary healthcare (PHC), yet the capacity to undertake PHC research—a core element of

Organisation of primary health care in the Asia-Pacific region: developing a prioritised research agenda

Health system planners in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) of the Asia-Pacific region seeking to reorient

What kind of evidence do we need to strengthen primary healthcare in the 21st century?

The increased recognition of the critical importance of quality primary healthcare (PHC) to achieve effective universal health

Primary health care performance: a scoping review of the current state of measurement in Africa

Countries with strong primary healthcare (PHC) report better health outcomes, fewer hospital admissions and lower expenditure.

Primary healthcare system performance in low-income and middle-income countries: a scoping review of the evidence from 2010 to 2017

The 2018 Astana Declaration reaffirmed global commitment to primary healthcare (PHC) as a

Community-orientated primary care: a scoping review of different models, and their effectiveness and feasibility in sub-Saharan Africa

Community-orientated primary care (COPC) is an approach to primary healthcare (PHC) that originated in South Africa and

Three-way partnerships fuel primary health care success

In the summer of 1970, Drs Raj and Mabelle Arole finished their graduate public health studies in the USA and arrived in

Primary care financing: a systematic assessment of research priorities in low- and middle-income countries

Financing of primary healthcare (PHC) is the key to the provision of equitable universal care. We aimed to identify and prioritise the perceived needs of PHC

Research gaps in the organisation of primary healthcare in low-income and middle-income countries and ways to address them: a mixed-methods approach

Since the Alma-Ata Declaration 40 years ago, primary healthcare

Organisation of primary health care systems in low- and middle-income countries: review of evidence on what works and why in the Asia-Pacific region

This paper synthesises evidence on the organisation of primary health care (PHC) service

Primary health care financing interventions: a systematic review and stakeholder-driven research agenda for the Asia-Pacific region

Interventions targeting the financing of primary health care (PHC) systems could accelerate

Quality, safety and performance management in primary health care: from scoping review to research priority setting and implementation plan in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Primary healthcare policy and governance in low-income and middle-income countries: an evidence gap map

overnance is one of the most important aspects for strong primary healthcare (PHC) service delivery. To achieve the targets for the

Evidence gap map of performance measurement and management in primary healthcare systems in low-income and middle-income countries

We mapped available evidence

It takes a community: a landscape analysis of global health research consortia

The increased recognition of the core role of effective primary healthcare has identified large gaps in the knowledge of components of high-quality primary